How to Convince Agents They Can’t Do Anything in Four Easy Steps

How to Convince Agents They Can’t Do Anything in Four Easy Steps

How to Convince Agents They Can’t Do Anything in Four Easy Steps

Step One: Rule with Fear

The first step in convincing an entire industry full of people that they aren’t capable is to create fear. Tell them this new website will steal all their leads. Tell them the next crash is just around the corner. Tell them computers will replace them. Tell them they’ll never learn anything new.

Step Two: Convince Them Everyone Else is Doing Better

To divide and conquer, you’ve also got to convince all the agents that they are completely alone. That no one else in the industry struggles with picking the best lead sources, writing competitive offers, or managing their email. Tell them that there are thousands of young, tech-savvy agents out there that “totally get it” and are ready and able to steal every single client they have.

Step Three: Downplay Proven Methods

Whatever you do, don’t let agents know that real estate is still an industry of relationships. Don’t let them believe that hard work, experience, and friendliness are still highly respected and sought-after traits. This will be pretty easy, because the time-tested strategies of keeping up with your sphere, managing your time well, tracking your tasks, and creating useful systems take effort. These things aren’t always fun. And it’s very easy to convince someone that the less-than-fun things in life are also useless.

Step Four: Sell Them an Easy Button

At last, we get to what you’re really after: their money. You’ve made them scared that technology will change everything. You’ve told them that other people are better at learning it than they are. You’ve convinced them that those free methods available to everyone don’t work. Now they are ready to listen to you – because you have the solution. All they have to do is buy your app, your website, your leads. All they have to do is hire an assistant from your service or get your new software. Money can solve anything, you’ll tell them. If only they can give enough money to you, you can magically make them a real estate business.

Caveat: Beware of Those Who Are Willing to Try

My one warning is that this method, though highly successful, won’t work against everyone. Some real estate agents are too willing to try, too willing to work, too willing to learn. If you tell them a software program is too complicated and they will never understand it, they’ll still try. If things don’t work on the first attempt, they’ll try again. They aren’t afraid to spend money, but if spending money on one thing isn’t working, they’ll try something else. They’ll go to classes and make connections and pay attention to what went wrong the last time. And they’ll try again. They won’t be afraid of those big scary companies you keep warning them about, because they aren’t trying to be the next multi-million dollar start-up. They are simply trying to build the business that is right for them. And people who keep trying, unfortunately, tend to succeed.

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